State of the Art

Before the invention of the modern computer, Climate Scientists carefully carried out their empirical studies in the open air. Results and predictions were often rendered meaningless due to contamination by the open environment.

Since the invention of the computer, Climate Scientists became skilled artisans in the computer programming trade, and built useful artifacts to describe the Atmosphere in its totality. The work often required teams of Climate Scientists working together to build realistic models. No one got there by himself.

In the modern age, we have computers that shock and awe with their capability and complexity. Each and every Climate Scientist simply uses his own laptop computer to display the pre-existing opinions and predetermined conclusions of an approved Government agency, or the United Nations, in order to lend credence to formal Government policy.

Government approved sacrifice helps to mitigate the cost to its Environment, its Economy, and its Resources by having too many livestock. Climate forecasts help Scientists accurately determine the timings and the quantities required not only to appease the Economy, but to ensure the survival of the fittest.


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