Hollywood Continues to Inspire

Just when you think you can’t wait to view another Hollywood production glorifying the first amendment protected right to promote homosexuality or disdain the USA, along comes Baal worshippers demonstrating their disgust by exercising their first amendment Muslim right to commit first and second-degree murder.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said Sunday that the deadly attack against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a “spontaneous reaction” to an anti-Islam video and not a premeditated assault.

… opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding, they came with heavy weapons …

In other news,

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Hundreds of Afghans burned cars and threw rocks at a U.S. military base as a demonstration against an anti-Islam film that ridicules the Prophet Muhammad turned violent in the Afghan capital early Monday. And in Jakarta, Indonesians angered over the film clashed with police outside the U.S. Embassy, hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails and burning tires outside the mission. At least one police officer was seen bleeding from the head and being carried to safety by fellow officers.

In collaboration with the US Government and totalitarians everywhere, the Religion of Peace is artfully executing plans to rid the world of all exercise and appreciation of the freedom to discriminate.


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State of the Art

Before the invention of the modern computer, Climate Scientists carefully carried out their empirical studies in the open air. Results and predictions were often rendered meaningless due to contamination by the open environment.

Since the invention of the computer, Climate Scientists became skilled artisans in the computer programming trade, and built useful artifacts to describe the Atmosphere in its totality. The work often required teams of Climate Scientists working together to build realistic models. No one got there by himself.

In the modern age, we have computers that shock and awe with their capability and complexity. Each and every Climate Scientist simply uses his own laptop computer to display the pre-existing opinions and predetermined conclusions of an approved Government agency, or the United Nations, in order to lend credence to formal Government policy.

Government approved sacrifice helps to mitigate the cost to its Environment, its Economy, and its Resources by having too many livestock. Climate forecasts help Scientists accurately determine the timings and the quantities required not only to appease the Economy, but to ensure the survival of the fittest.

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Statistically Speaking

Attractive computer models
Attractive computer models provide Climate Scientists the balls and the bones for demanding 100% control of the production and consumption of goods for a mere 99% of the global population.

Warning: Scientific Language
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Fed. Judge: Climate Science Is Free Speech

Federal Judge Upholds the Right to Practice Government Budgeting, Economics,  Environmentalism, and Climate Science in Louisiana

Louisianans have long sought to limit Government activities in their home state by both Nullification and out-right Ban. The Bans have been found to be discriminatory against government, and a violation of Government’s right to free speech. The sound as of a rushing mighty wind was heard across the land as thousands of Cannibals in every Government agency from A to Z breathed a collective sigh of relief. Their jobs, pensions, and seven-course meals are secure. – HH

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Executive Policy Published

The office of Government Printing has issued the White House’s formal policy statement for 2012-2013, which covers each and every Government Agency, from A to Z.  Copies can be ordered from Amazon. Some enlightening excerpts (watch your step):

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Let Me Count The Ways

Christians Are So Ignorant. We Are So Powerful.

1.  The Bible says God’s People are the church. The Government says the People are tenants on the land, paying rent, and subject to regulation by their Masters.

2. The Bible says a church is People. The Government says a church is a building, and subject to regulation.

3.  The Bible says the People have free will. The Government has ceased to be a guardian of the free-will of any of the People. The Government says the People must purchase insurance or be jailed. The Government wills to outlaw all discrimination by the People.
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Editorial: I’m Utterly Astonished

Six Bananas, a first here at Cannibalism Today.

I can not be any more amused. I’m shocked by the amount of amusement. I would have to now say that every one of our astonishing principles of Totalitarianism has been fully implemented in Phoenix, Arizona by either Federal, State, or Local government.

The Study of the Bible Has Been Outlawed! Sixty-seven (67) distinct violations of the LAW! Sixty-seven! One would have been enough to shut them down! But sixty-seven?!

Fan-fucking-tastic is all I can say. Un-fucking-believable. That is the end of that horseshit. You won’t hear about it in school, you won’t hear about it in any public meeting or any public place, and now the livestock are enjoined to be silent about it in their own homes and on their own property. You certainly won’t hear about it in any of our mainstream denominations – we wisely infiltrated and subverted them long ago.

We’ve been waiting for this day, folks. I don’t know what to say – I’m astonished.

Discrimination has finally and truly ended. Let us rejoice. Now when do we make “The Bible” a dirty word?

A bi-partisan exclusive from Cannibalism Today. Spread the Word.

A polite message to all the Self-Insured, Small-Town, Big-City Bible Thumpers, Mennonites, Amish, Homeschoolers, Farmers, Ranchers, Capitalists, Tea-Baggers, and Libertarians.

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