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Location, Location, Location

“Buildings are far and away the worst thing humans do to the environment,” said Rob Watson, NRDC senior scientist and a chair of the LEED program. “All of the buildings in the U.S….[are] the leading human-induced cause of global warming.” … Continue reading

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Citizens at Work. Money at Work. Bureaucrats at Work. Congress at Work. The POTUS at Work. Entertainment Tonight.

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Take Your Lumps

One of the most delightful 🙂 🙂 sites on the web can be found at “Find. Apply. Succeed.”sm Federal grantssm are the proof of the U.S. Government’s love of mankind. They are distributed liberally throughout the nation and the … Continue reading

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Put Your Money to Work

Your Money at Work. The Teaching Of Marx Is All Powerful Because It Is True.

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Safe and Secure From All Alarm

“Every child deserves a safe home, a safe school and a safe community. To make this a reality, we must recognize that all children are our children”. h/t U.S. D.O.J. Commitment to cannibalism today requires bold stances and steadfast hearts.

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Long May She Wave

One of the most popular entries for the DAD flag contest is displayed at half mast. The winning flag will ascend above the obsolete Stars and Stripes.

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Washington’s Progress

George Washington’s estate was worth about 1,000,000 1799 dollars according to Wikipedia, and worth 30,000,000 2012 dollars. If he had sold everything, and saved his cash, today he could buy 1/30 of what he could buy in 1799 because of … Continue reading

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