Editorial: I’m Utterly Astonished

Six Bananas, a first here at Cannibalism Today.

I can not be any more amused. I’m shocked by the amount of amusement. I would have to now say that every one of our astonishing principles of Totalitarianism has been fully implemented in Phoenix, Arizona by either Federal, State, or Local government.

The Study of the Bible Has Been Outlawed! Sixty-seven (67) distinct violations of the LAW! Sixty-seven! One would have been enough to shut them down! But sixty-seven?!

Fan-fucking-tastic is all I can say. Un-fucking-believable. That is the end of that horseshit. You won’t hear about it in school, you won’t hear about it in any public meeting or any public place, and now the livestock are enjoined to be silent about it in their own homes and on their own property. You certainly won’t hear about it in any of our mainstream denominations – we wisely infiltrated and subverted them long ago.

We’ve been waiting for this day, folks. I don’t know what to say – I’m astonished.

Discrimination has finally and truly ended. Let us rejoice. Now when do we make “The Bible” a dirty word?

A bi-partisan exclusive from Cannibalism Today. Spread the Word.

A polite message to all the Self-Insured, Small-Town, Big-City Bible Thumpers, Mennonites, Amish, Homeschoolers, Farmers, Ranchers, Capitalists, Tea-Baggers, and Libertarians.


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