SCOTUS Upholds Tax on Unbelievers

The Supreme Court of the United States today upheld the right of the Legislative branch to tax those who do not worship at the feet of the Cannibal God, the US Government. Our victory is guaranteed.

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Roberts stated

Under the Constitution, the Federal Government can’t make you buy anything. It can, however, levy a tax against you for any reason, including not buying what it says you should buy.

In other words, taxation is just a form of Government encouragement. Taxation never was and never will be coercive, even though it is enforced by armed revenue officers as well as the combined military might of each of the armed forces. Taxes are voluntarily paid, even if jail time is not.

How can you not be amused at the rightfully elevated status of Cannibalism Today?

Citizens across the country today celebrate a monumental Supreme Court ruling. Government mandated health insurance has been assured with the Affordable Care Act, which is paid for by taxes imposed only upon the unbelievers.


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