Discrimination Outlawed in All 50 States

An historic victory was won today. The SCOTUS has RULED (and rightly so) that the Congress may coerce (using gun-toting, drone-owning tax collectors) any and all citizens of this fair land who exercise discrimination.

Within the next year, we anticipate that new voting booths (like the ones below) will be constructed as monuments to the triumph of anti-discrimination. The new Department of Anti-Discrimination (DAD) will, in the beginning, be comprised of the chiefs of the thirteen most prestigious executive branch agencies.

New voting booths were constructed for Chicagoans in 1947, when discrimination was outlawed there.

Chief Justice Roberts: “If Congress says so, you must buy fries with that, or pay the no-fries tax.”


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One Response to Discrimination Outlawed in All 50 States

  1. the whiner says:

    To comply, I just bought a $100,000,000 policy with a $99,999,999.99 deductible. Cost me just $15.00 for the basic administration fee.

    So, I still pay my own bills, dickheads.

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