Become a Member of The 1%

The US Treasury Department is looking to make one out of every three US Citizens a member of the 1%.

This is accomplished, of course, by inflating the currency until today’s $50,000 is worth $1,000,000 future dollars. Historically, we know the Treasury can do 30X devaluation, but that was over a period of time twice as long as we need. We hope they stick to their guns.

It won’t be hard, said Treasury officials, since it requires devaluing the currency by half just over 4 times for the required 20X devaluation. “We’ve devalued it by half in the last ten years. If we continue that rate, we’ll have accomplished the goal in just 40 years, about the same time the bills come due.”

Then, the 136 million millionaires (one out of every three citizens) in the United States would Pay their Fair Share, and all current US Government debt (136 million million) would disappear in a single taxable year.

That is good news, and dispels all myths and half-truths our enemies have bandied about the gargantuan debt. See the details of the simple maths here, and here.

One of the many fascinating design proposals for the one million dollar bill, scheduled to be printed in just a few years.


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