Cannibalism Made Easy

The US Governmentsm is recognized around the world to be a bright and shining example of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You.

Celebrate the Holiday Spirit by Donating to Charity
Dollar Dive – Keep the Sea Monster away from your boat in this fun game.
Fun Games about Money – Try playing these online games about coins.
Treasury Direct Kids – How our country pays its bills
What is Debt? – TreasuryDirect Kids
Bank It – It’s My Life
Federal Reserve Bank – Student Activities
Economy for Kids – Scholastic
Activists & Reformers – America’s Story
Peace Corps Challenge
Africa for Kids
African American World
African American World – PBS Kids
Air Quality Mystery Activity
Beaches – Environmental Protection Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency Kids Site
Energy Star Kids
Environmental Health Kids’ Page
Food and Nutrition – BAM!
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge
Join the Lorax and Help Protect the Earth from Global Warming
Kids Saving Energy – Games and Activities Blast Off Game
Peace Corps Challenge
Planet Protectors Club
Water Sense Game
Kids’ Bill of Rights – PBS Kids Go
Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
Federal Veterinarians at Work
Human Capital Management Specialist
Marine Biologist – Forces of Change
Oceanographer – Forces of Change
Peace Corps – Video Spotlight
5 Reasons Girls Should Play Sports
Dog Paddle Song
Do-op Hop With Kermit
Double Dutch Jump Tricks
Learning to Jumprope
Practicing Basketball
Pass The Plate
Ride a Bike
Brushing Your Teeth
Bully Roundup – BAM!
Feelin’ Frazzled?
Flu Prevention Tips
Getting Your Shots
Kids’ Recipes –
News You Can Use
Nutrition for Preschool and Elementary Kids
Smoking – Choices and Consequences
Staying Healthy Every Day
Stop Bullying .gov
SunWise Kids
Taking Care of Your Teeth –
To Tell the Tooth Game
Egg Information
Hand Washing
Mouth Health
Your Immune System
Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Preparation Videos
FDA for Kids
Food Detectives Fight BAC!
Household Chemicals
Rabies Safety
Railroad Safety
Safety On the Road
Scooter Safety
Stop Underage Drinking
Tsunami Survival Story
Water Safety
Your Safety

And finally, so that you know that all the Government produces is pleasant to the eyes, and a treat desired to make one wise:
Thomas Jefferson – A Day in the Life – Ice Cream At Home Activity

Thomas Jefferson would have indeed been proud of the ice-cream machine that produced our $136 trillion (136 million million) dollar debt.


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One Response to Cannibalism Made Easy

  1. the whiner says:

    In Shiner, Texas, you would be beaten to death for child molestation.

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