I ♥ Stephen Hawking

If you haven’t seen it, you must.

A Stunning New Series

Stephen Hawking hosts an epic new kind of cosmology series, a Planet Earth of the heavens. It takes the world’s most famous scientific mind and sets it free, powered by the limitless possibilities of computer animation. Hawking gives us the ultimate guide to the universe, a ripping yarn based on real science, spanning the whole of space and time — from the nature of the universe itself, to the chances of alien life, and the real possibility of time travel.


I had to wait nearly two hours for the punch line, but it was worth it. Mr. Hawking, who is the world’s smartest man, has proven by Mathematics and Science that there is no God.

We all know Matter, Energy, and Space had a beginning. Hawking shows that Time itself began at the same time as these. He explains that since Time itself had a beginning, God could not have existed before that.

In th3
tw0 h0ur
Mr. Hawking
the Disc0-ve-ry chann3l
0nce again
0ur m0st
a-da-mant en3mies
by ass3rting
that G0d
punch3s a

Workers of the world unite! Behold your new God!

According to Hawking, this is the God which led our livestock out of the land of bondage. Before the invention of time, there was no God.


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One Response to I ♥ Stephen Hawking

  1. the whiner says:

    It took Hawking 50 years to discover that time had a beginning. I read about it first when I was a child, as have millions of others:

    In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…Genesis 1:1

    In the beginning is the beginning of time. The clear implication is that God is the Source, Author, Creator, or Originator of time just as he is of matter, space, and energy.

    The bigger fool than Hawking is the one who claims Hawking is not a fool.

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