Federal Reserve Announces Campaign Results

Warning: Financial Language

The Federal Reserve today announced the stunning success of its previous round of currency destruction.

We surmise that government dependency and debt has increased about 60% over the same period, for a stunning return on investment. We have so much to be proud of.

In the space of just 10 years, the buying power of the US Dollar was stunningly and cunningly reduced by almost one-half.

Today, a mere 3 percent remains of all the land and resources the sheeple’s forefathers gave their lives for. The rest has been auctioned off to owners of printing presses and to the Chinese in order to pay for the livestock’s health, safety, and welfare.

To pay for this stunning progress, the sheeple and their children are sold into servitude under Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation, which freed the US Governmentsm from the bondage of a Constitution. As of this date, the proclamation is paying an acceptable 3.00% annual interest.


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