Reply to Lord Monckton, a denier of our myth that all will burn in hell because of weather changes, and a site I visit to keep up on activities of the enemy, seems to be actively screening and scrubbing my comments from their site, so I’m just going to post here instead.

The pancakes at WattsUpWithThat are surreptitiously served free from every allergen and contradictory view that might cause its readers’ heads to explode.

On Lord Monckton’s persecution of Peter Gleick
Monckton: And what is a sin? In Christian theology it is a failure of love. A sin is a sin because its fake-etrator is knowingly or recklessly doing harm and, to the extent of the harm done, is failing to love the victims of his wrongdoing. It is precisely because of the harm done to the Heartland Institute and to Anthony Watts and others that the sin – in law the offense – is grave.

You only move the definition from sin to love to harm to hide that fact that gravity is really the issue.

In cannibalism, the sacrifice of the few enables the existence of many, and so guarantees the survival of the species. Survival of the species is more important than the temporary or long-term comfort of any one individual. It is what we all fight and live for on a daily basis, as is proven by the Science of Darwin.

Loving your neighbor is not the lack of harming them, it is sacrificing yourself for them that they may live. Even Jesus said as much (no greater love … than to lay down your life for your friends). Those supposedly injured by Gleick’s exploits should be honored they can partake of his selfless acts. It will ultimately be your grave mistake to think otherwise.

We humans need to simply come up with better and more humane ways of treating the sacrifices. The different sciences are employed to make this a modern reality, and so all objections will one day be gone. Cradle to table care helps soften the blow until then.


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