Product Review

The latest device for “encouraging” the herd replaces the electric cattle prod and is generally more humane.

Buy-in from stakeholders is always a delicate task. The 20th century electric cattle prod has been replaced by more efficient and more humane persuaders.

From researchers:
Electric prods should be replaced as much as possible with alternative driving aids such as flags, plastic paddles, and a stick with plastic ribbons attached to it. An electric prod should NOT be a person’s primary driving tool. It should only be picked up and used when absolutely required to move a stubborn animal and then put back down. People should NOT be constantly carrying electric prods.

This NEW replacement device is electric as well, and is selling like hotcakes, and CAN be used as a primary driving tool; it does NOT need to be carried. It is truly exciting to see how joint partnerships between the administration and private industry is helping to reshape our future. See the attached video review.


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