We Are All Christians Now

Since Barack Obama has been shown to be Christian, it only stands to reason that we are all Christians now. If Barack Obama is Christian, it is impossible to discriminate between true believers and heretics, and it is impossible to leave us out of the fold. Our next step is to simply outlaw discrimination within the Christian churches.

Christians were first called that by the unbelievers at Antioch in the first century A.D., so let us not become high and mighty in our arrogance to assume the role of protector of the faith.

Find out what it takes to be a Christian here.

That goofy Paul claimed that you had to “confess with thy mouth the lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead” in Romans chapter 10, verse 9. He said that if you did this, “thou shalt be saved”, or made whole.

All I’ve got to say to that is that we’ve got a whole lot of feasting to get done before Jesus comes back! To the trenches!


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