Update: National Education Standards

The USDA has issued updates to our cherished manual for 2012, and features an insightful forward by Our Lady, Michelle Obama. The updates reflect the latest standards for population control, and, thanks to your input, was rewritten in a style that is more inspiring and uplifting.

From the forward:

This new version emphasizes our desire to encourage our students and their parents to excel. I’m very excited about it. Encouragement is the most basic form of government service, and should be applied using taxpayer money so that everyone, especially parents, is equally encouraged.

Courage is the stuff that gets us from point A to point B. It takes courage to stand up to the home-schoolers, the charter schools, the big and small corporate private schools. It will take a lot more courage to get those institutions eradicated, but encourage them we must. Self-education is just filthy discrimination dressed up in other clothes. The best encouragement we can offer is to continue to hike their property taxes so that they cannot possibly afford to send their children elsewhere. We must impoverish them, take their land; we must extract their children from their clutches and smartly manage them for our smart-growth future. If that is not what sustainability means, I don’t know what it means!

Sentiments like this are gladly embraced by townships and school boards across the nation.

2012 U.S. Department of Education “National Education Standards”. By Educators, for Educators.

The Pledge of Allegiance now graces the back cover of the too-frequently neglected Education Manual. Be sure to review the new version it in its entirety.


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