Our Lady of D.C.

Photo Montage Celebrating the Accomplishments of Our Lady of D.C., Mrs. Michelle Obama

She is the Wife of perhaps the most glorious architect to date.

She received the Word of God and gave it to us!

She is a champion of the unfortunate, the starving, the huddled, the masses!

She feeds the Children!

She receives praise for her work with humility!

She is compassionate, generous, and kind!

She is articulate at story-time! She fortifies the children with tales of self-discipline and self-sacrifice!

She is liberated, proud and strong!

She is a model disciple of Mother-Nature and protector of her children! You had better not mess with her!

She promotes world peace by reminding us of the children!

Her children rise up and called her blessed!

She will be remembered long after she is gone by a national holiday!


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