Indiscriminate Description

Outlaw Discrimination Now
Look, discrimination is a threat to not only my way of life, but yours as well.

The University of Vanderbilt, that bastion of free thought and free lunches, is smartly outlawing discrimination on their campuses.

Cannibals have long been discriminated against in the public mind and menu – thanks to misinformation in stories like Hansel and Gretel, read by wary mothers to their children across the globe. I suggest that it is high time that we get ourselves elected to head these Christian organizations. Vanderbilt is showing the way.

When we have completely outlawed discrimination in all its nefarious forms, we’ll have the final word on what everyone eats and thinks. We don’t discriminate!

From the report:
Provost Richard McCarthy and Vice Chancellor for University Affairs and Athletics said that the university doesn’t plan to back down. If student groups fail to comply, they will lose their official status with the college.


A view of the inviting entrance to Vanderbilt University.


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